This hair love.

It’s pretty amazing how lately everyone has been raving about how nice, thick and long my hair is (where I am from, we don’t let Afro’s grow out this long), and I am exaggerating when I say everyone. But what I am trying to say is, it’s kind of nice and a little overwhelming when … More This hair love.

Stop and care.

When was the last time you asked your friends/family/partner how they are doing? And not out of common courtesy but because you really care to know how they are doing. I know I am guilty of not asking, I assume that just because I don’t hear them complain about anything or see them on a … More Stop and care.

My Anchor

People usually look at me and wonder “she has been through so much, why is she not falling apart, why is she not breaking?” The reason for that, for me not falling apart or breaking, is him. He holds me together and he puts me back together if I do break, before the world can … More My Anchor

How I Changed My Name

Originally posted on Stickler.:
We are familiar with it by now, on a first name basis, in fact: “The cancer” “Cam has cancer” “the cancer thing.”  Cam texts me after an appointment and refers to “my cancer”, like it was some sort of pet. A black slimy pet with too many fingers, that doesn’t do…